Using the Zappicator on Drinking Water

Dear Arthur,

In one of your videos you mentioned that you had gotten feedback from people who said their drinking water tasted better after they zappicated it.  Well, I can testify that what they told you is true!

Recently, I decided to experiment by zappicating a plastic gallon jug filled with our whole-house filtered water.   The results were amazing!   I NOW ZAPPICATE ALL MY WATER BEFORE DRINKING IT.    I am so thrilled because even though I had faith in our filtered water before, I found that I never quite liked the taste of it.  However, since I started zappicating all my drinking water, I have even more confidence that the water is better than ever PLUS I am enjoying the added benefit that it actually TASTES GREAT now!

I am finding that I am zapping regularly on myself.    I’m also zappicating all incoming groceries, and my 2 dogs are next on the list.   I am so hooked!   I am in LOVE with the AutoZap 5 Integrated Wellness System and am in the process of spreading the good news to my family and friends!

Thank you a million for the GREAT CONTRIBUTION you have made to humankind!

God Bless you and your family!

Sincerely,  LF
Tucson, AZ


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